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Battery Energy Storage Solution Power the Futhure

Challenges and Solutions

-- We Hear you, we Solve it.

Our business model is different than other manufacturers as we focus on customers and strive to provide a complete solution. Understanding customer needs in the market is what makes CATE special.

Providing Solutions is an important factor of our core competency and with the development of new battery and technology over the past few years, we’ve become one of the leaders in the market for Innovation.

Innovation should not be just as a marketing tool to attract customer. In CATE, we really want to use it to help our partners solve their problem by listening to them, understanding what they really need and proposing the most suitable solution for them.

The ongoing close relationship between our customers and our team over the past few years allowed us to position ourselves as one of the leaders for Battery Energy Storage Solutions in the battery industry. 

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  • Case Study III
focus areas

Telenor Project



focus areas
  • High temperature
  • Frequent power outage
  • VRLA battery as the main power source
  • Service life of battery: 1 to 1.5 years
  • Dry out
focus areas
  • Hydrid gel technology
  • Thick plate design
  • 3D form plate

FAG12-155: Features

  • Long float life design
    --Thick plate design: 4.2mm
    --High Sn low Ca content alloys
  • Long cycle life design
    --Patent 3D form plate design
    --Advanced hybrid gel technology
  • Safe operation in high temperature
    --Hybrid gel depress the float current