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Smart Battery Mangement Solution

Batteries are the last line of defense for data center power supply, so we provide high quality batteries for data center power supply system, HR series, DB series and LSE series to maintain the stability and rationality of power supply.

User Benefit

Make Backup Power Management Safer

  • 1

    Battery Experts Working for You

    Our data platform empowers you to see the road ahead for your backup power sites and then make an informed decision on how to prepare and execute an action.

  • 2

    AI Management Not Just Monitoring

    Highly accurate battery data, algorithms about SOC/SOH/backup time/ weak battery to predict battery issues before they happen.

  • 3

    Avoid battery fire

    Avoid the fire accidents caused by heat out of control, acid leakage, loose connecting bars, etc. Ensure that the battery is always in the best operation state, and fundamentally ensure the reliability of the battery.

  • 4

    Reduce CapEx and OpEx

    Less battery maintenance , energy savings and longer battery replacement cycles contribute to TCO savings.

  • 5

    Detect Hidden Issues

    Rectifier issues can go undetected but still have an adverse affect on batteries. We can uncover these issues along with others.