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TGF Series: Long and narrow tubular colloidal battery

Voltage range: 12V
Capacity range: from 100Ah to 150Ah
Float design life: 15 years @ 20 °C/68 °F


The TGF series is the first narrow tubular colloidal battery in China with extremely high reliability. The series uses die-cast tubular positive plates and nano-colloidal electrolyte technology. Its deep cycle performance is excellent, which is 2~3 times that of ordinary products. The floating charge life is up to 15 years. The high and low temperature performance is very stable, and the overcharge and over discharge performance is extremely excellent. The dimensions are compatible with the 19'/23' standard battery holder. It is ideal for a variety of applications, such as frequent power outages and high temperature outdoor telecommunications base stations, UPS, solar/wind energy and other applications.

Features and benefits

  • Design life of 15 years
  • Wide operating temperature range: -20°C ~ 60°C
  • Die-cast tubular positive plates have excellent cycle performance
  • Nano colloidal electrolyte
  • Unique high tin alloy for better corrosion resistance
  • Low self-discharge (9 months at 20 °C)
  • Deep cycle performance and excellent overcharge and overdischarge resistance

Structural characteristics

  • Positive plate : Die-cast high-tin alloy tube type positive plate
  • Negative Electrode Plate : Lead-calcium alloy coated paste negative plate
  • Partition: Improved AGM partition
  • Electrolyte : Nano colloidal electrolyte
  • Battery case : ABS
  • Pole seal: mechanical + epoxy double seal
  • Safety valve : Integrated explosion-proof / acid filter integral valve

Application field

  • telecommunications
  • electricity
  • Solar/wind energy
  • UPS
  • Other harsh applications
图片 型号 电压 (V) 容量 (AH) 尺寸 重量 端子类型
长度 宽度 高度 总高度 Kg Lb
mm in mm in mm in mm in
TGF12-100 12 100 558 21.97 125 4.92 235 9.25 235 9.25 36.5 80.47 T19
TGF12-150 12 150 558 21.97 125 4.92 332 13.07 332 13.07 56 123.46 T19

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